What A Waste

Have you ever heard of Sisyphus? King Sisyphus of Ephyra was punished for his sins to push a boulder to the top of the hill only to have it roll all the way down and end up pushing it back again. Every day, he relentlessly tried to push the boulder away hoping that one day he will get rid of it, not realising that it would come rolling back every time to his dismay.

Humans are no different from Sisyphus when it comes to disposing off waste. Be it the ocean, the beach, the wastelands or your neighbour’s garden, humans have tried every possible way to get rid of their waste. Not realising that the same waste comes tumbling and rolling towards them eventually.

We love shifting responsibility much like we love shifting our waste. This inherent nature of shifting responsibilities is what ends up culminating into unhygienic spaces, pollution and even diseases.

The Greek Mythology had one Sisyphus and one boulder. But, we have a million humans shifting the responsibility and not disposing off waste properly, leading to a vicious circle of it all coming back to us time and again.